Friday’s Links

Just a collection of random stories and articles from the week that we found interesting and thought we’d share. "Starbucks Effect" Bigger in Philly than Most Cities ( Is a Hotel Good for Fishtown (The Spirit Newspaper) How to Buy … [Read More...]

buying-an-as-is house

Purchasing a Home in “As-Is” Condition

Photo "borrowed" from Ugly House Photos When looking to purchase a home in Philadelphia you may run into a home that's listed in "as-is" condition. This generally means that the seller will not or cannot make repairs. Just because a house or condo … [Read More...]


Want a Great Credit Score?

These are the factors that take your credit score to the highest possible range. Here are the two things that account for two-thirds of your credit score: Payment History:  Having a long history of making payments on time on all types of credit … [Read More...]